High Throughput Technology for Multiplex Analyte Profiling from Single Wells

Simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers

The Luminex® technology allows for the simultaneous quantification of soluble and intracellular proteins (cytokine, chemokine, growth factor, adhesion molecules, phosphorylated proteins) from a single well. The assay is sensitive, requires only a small sample volume, and provides results in a quick turn around time.

As a multiplex bead-based assay, Luminex® is ideal to provide an overview on the expression of multiple biomarkers in limited samples. This platform is a component of Caprion’s full range of clinical biomarker services.

One panel,
many analytes

Antibody-coated beads with unique fluorescence intensities enable us to quantify up to 30 analytes simultaneously in one sample. The assay can be performed on samples varying from cell culture supernatants to biological fluids from various sources:

  • PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells)
  • Whole blood – Serum – Plasma
  • Tissues

Pre-assembled multiplexed kits

The technology is designed to quantify a large number of analytes and is well suited for high-content discovery research.

Some readily available multiplexed kits include:

Luminex panels


  • Reliable: Detect and quantify multiple target analytes simultaneously
  • Sensitive: Similar in sensitivity to ELISA and MSD assays
  • Flexible: Requires a small sample volume
  • Actionable: Quick turn-around providing data you need to move forward

Key Applications

  • Screening new targets
  • Investigate biomarker expression
  • Providing a serological profile of multiple analytes