Accelerating precision medicine™

Mass Spectrometry

Caprion has a variety of mass spectrometers to support different applications. Unbiased biomarker discovery is usually performed on a hybrid quadrupole/ orbitrap. Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) is performed using triple quadrupole or hybrid triple quadrupole/ linear ion trap mass spectrometers. Instrumentation and methods are selected to match the goals of each study.


Unbiased Biomarker and Drug Target Discovery using LC-MS/MS

Hypothesis-free shotgun proteomics enables detection and relative quantitation of 1000s of proteins to rapidly identify differentially expressed candidate biomarkers or targets.

  • Unbiased approach facilitates discovery of novel biomarkers or targets
  • Label-free, gel-free quantitative mass spectrometry for rapid analysis of 100s of samples
  • Comprehensive proteome coverage
  • Applicable to analysis of phosphorylated species and other modified proteins

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Targeted Assays using MRM Mass Spectrometry

Off-the-shelf or customized panels support biomarker verification and development of multiplexed protein panels for research or clinical use. Advantages of MRM-based assays include

  • Ability to incorporate targets from multiple sources
  • Rapid development of custom assays, without need for specific antibodies
  • High sensitivity, exquisite specificity, and robust quantitation
  • High multiplexing capability for screening 100s of targets in small sample volumes
  • Can be developed and deployed as a fit-for-purpose or validated assay under GLP

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