Accelerating precision medicine™

Target Discovery

Caprion's service offering allows Clients to access its extensive know-how on target discovery.

Through its own internal research programs, Caprion has developed a powerful approach, combining its expertise in cell fractionation and organelle isolation with the power of its ProteoCarta™ (formerly CellCarta®) platform toward the identification of therapeutic targets. The organelle approach provides for a very comprehensive analysis of the relevant sub-cellular location of the putative targets. In the case of oncology, this has resulted in the identification of cell surface targets for antibody therapy.

Vaccine target identification and monitoring is also possible to address with ProteoCarta, through the isolation and sequencing of endogenously-processed peptides presented my MHC class I and II moleculues. Hundreds of peptides can be readily identified, including those derived from infections agents. This direct approach to vaccine target identification avoids the trial and error nature of predictive approaches to determining the epitopes presented for immune recognition.

Recognizing that each target discovery project is different, Caprion's highly trained cell biologists, chemists and statisticians will assist Clients in the elaboration of the optimal experimental approach toward the identification of high-value therapeutic targets.