Accelerating precision medicine™

Overview of ProteoCarta Services

Caprion is the leading provider of proteomics based services to the life science industry. Caprion’s ProteoCarta™ division has over 10 years’ experience working with major pharmaceutical, biotech, and non-profit groups throughout all phases of drug development, from identification of proteins as biomarkers or drug targets to development of fit-for-purpose assays for non-clinical and clinical use. Obtain new biological insights and enjoy the time and cost savings that come with the extensive experience and multi-functional expertise of a global leader.


Advantages of Working with Caprion

Complete Solution Provider

  • Collaborative environment to facilitate custom assay development
  • Discovery to clinic biomarker capability
  • Sample procurement capability


  • Over 50 industry partners, including most of the major pharma and biotech companies
  • Selected as partner for several key grants and large scale studies, including NCI, NIH, Michael J Fox Foundation, Global Genomics Group, Biomarkers Consortium, and Early Diagnosis Consortium
  • Multidisciplinary team with expertise in sample preparation, mass spectrometry, biostatistics, and biological interpretation


  • Controlled environment (SOPs, system suitability) with GLP capability
  • Dedicated program management team
  • Gated process for efficient and robust study execution

Caprion’s Proteomic-based Services

Neo-epitope Discovery and Characterization

  • Direct identification of naturally-presented MHC peptides for cancer vaccines and adoptive T-cell therapies

Unbiased Biomarker Discovery

  • Sample prep expertise combined with shotgun proteomics for identification of biologically and clinically relevant protein biomarkers

Targeted Biomarker Discovery/Development

  • Highly multiplexed, antibody-free, MRM-based assays for biomarker screening and verification

Fit-for-Purpose Assays

  • Rapid development of multiplexed, antibody-free assays for biomarker qualification, validation, and clinical use

Host Cell Protein Detection

  • Highly specific mass spec-based assays for detection and quantitation of HCP during process characterization

PK Assays

  • Development, qualification and validation of highly specific MRM assays for biotherapeutics

Target Discovery

  • Combination of tissue procurement capabilities, cell biology and proteomic expertise for discovery of new drug targets