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Off-the-Shelf MRM-Based Biomarker Panels

Through internal research and collaborations with key opinion leaders, Caprion has developed biomarker panels for multiple disease and research areas. These assays leverage the sensitivity, specificity and flexibility of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry and are available to our customers for biomarker screening and assessment. Because they do not require antibodies, these panels can also be easily expanded to include additional target proteins identified by the Sponsor.

Neurodegenerative Disease Panel

  • Developed in collaboration with the Biomarkers Consortium and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
  • Detects and quantitates over 100 CNS-related proteins in human CSF, plasma, and serum
  • Adaptable for other species, including mouse, rat, dog and non-human primate

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Kidney Injury Panel

  • Simultaneously detect and quantitate biomarkers of kidney function
  • Includes 9 well-established and 21 exploratory safety biomarkers
  • Also adaptable to dog, non-human primate, and human

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Diabetes Panel

  • Multiplexed protein biomarker blood test to assess pancreatic islet function
  • Monitor therapeutic benefits on beta cell health
  • Optimize treatments by selecting best drug and adjusting dose
  • Stratify and monitor patients to demonstrate potential of novel disease modifying drugs on beta cell health

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Tuberculosis Panel

  • Blood-based biomarker panel to identify patients with active TB
  • Predict conversion from latent to active TB
  • Monitor treatment response and disease relapse

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