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ProteoCarta™ Kidney Injury Biomarker Panel

Caprion has developed a multiplexed mass spectrometry based assay to simultaneously detect and quantitate 30 biomarkers of kidney function in single urine sample. The Kidney Injury Panel allows rapid screening of biomarkers of kidney injury for early prediction and identification of safety issues in pre-clinical studies. The assay is designed for use on rat urine, but can be rapidly adapted to quantitate the same biomarkers in urine from other relevant species.

The Kidney Injury Biomarker Panel uses MRM mass spectrometry to provide absolute quantitation of 9 well established biomarkers of kidney injury (already qualified or submitted to regulatory agencies for qualification) and relative quantitation of an additional 21 exploratory biomarkers implicated in kidney injury.


Rapid non-invasive screening of biomarkers of nephrotoxicity for early prediction and identification of safety issues in pre-clinical studies including:

  • Evaluating drug induced kidney injury
  • Monitoring kidney disease progression
  • Detection of early kidney damage
  • Monitoring reversibility of kidney damage
  • Longitudinal analyses in dose range finding studies


Caprion’s MRM-based Kidney Injury Panel offers several significant advantages over other nephrotoxicity assays, including:

  • Simultaneously monitor both established and exploratory biomarkers
  • Assay easily adapted for dog, non-human primate, and human
  • Translational biomarkers enable safety assessment throughout pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • High specificity based on peptide sequence, which alleviates the need for antibodies
  • Requires only a small sample volume
  • Rapidly expandable to include new analytes


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