Accelerating precision medicine™

Custom MRM-Based Biomarker Panels

Caprion has developed a wide range of custom biomarker panels using MRM mass spectrometry, ranging from panels for screening 100s of proteins to assays that quantitate a single protein. Because MRM assays do not require antibodies, assays can be developed for any species and can be rapidly expanded as new proteins of interest are identified. Proteins for MRM assays can be selected from multiple sources, including proteomics, transcriptomics, literature, or pathway analyses. Custom MRM assays can be further developed as fit-for-purpose assays for both non-clinical and clinical use.


Caprion’s MRM-based approach facilitates rapid development of highly specific, multiplexed assays for assessment and verification of candidate biomarkers from multiple discovery platforms

  • Verification and refinement of biomarker panels from prior discovery studies
  • Rapid assessment of 100s of candidate biomarkers from literature, proteomics, and transcriptomics
  • Expansion of Caprion’s off-the-shelf biomarker panels with your target proteins
  • Monitoring of specific biological pathways

Benefits of Caprion’s Custom MRM Assays

Caprion’s custom MRM assays enable rapid development and deployment of multiplexed assays for your proteins of interest

  • Antibody-free approach is applicable to any species
  • Easily expanded to incorporate new target proteins
  • Stable isotope-labeled peptide standards facilitate accurate quantitation and enhanced reproducibility
  • Option for enrichment of low abundance proteins using antibodies or chromatography
  • Easily converted to fit-for-purpose assays for non-clinical and clinical use