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MRM Assays

MRM Assay Development for Rapid Validation of Protein Biomarkers

Caprion's platform and expertise go well beyond the biomarker discovery process. Caprion provides robust and quantitative mass spectometry based MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring) assays for rapid multiplexed verification and validation of biomarkers.

Multiplexed MRM assays offer a fast and cost-effective alternative to immunoassays for tracking panels of protein biomarkers selected from genomics, literature or discovery efforts. Multiplexed MRM assays for hundreds of candidate proteins can be developed in a matter of weeks (vs. years for multiplexed antibody ELISA).  MRM is the tool of choice to assess a large number of candidates, to derive a focused panel of relevant biomarkers, prime for further development using quantitative MRM or antibody-based approaches.

MRM assays are very cost effective for biomarker analysis of large studies, including clinical Phase 3 trials and can be validated for submission of results to regulatory authorities.

Caprion’s MRM assays can be performed as per GLP and can also be directly translated from animal to human samples, providing a seamless shift from pre-clinical to clinical settings supporting personalized medicine from research to practice.

Detection of low abundance proteins

In addition, Caprion has implemented an antibody-based MRM approach allowing for the detection of low abundance candidate biomarkers in biological fluids. Using antibodies coupled to magnetic beads, Caprion can enrich up to 5 markers in a single step, resulting in a highly enriched sample amenable to MRM assay. This approach shows excellent linearity and a lower limit of quantitation (LLOQ) in the 1ng/ml range.

The MRM Services deliverables include a written report which describes the details of the experimental approach, including the MRM parameters for each protein under study.