Accelerating precision medicine™

Biomarker Discovery

Caprion is the leading provider of proteomics based services to the life science industry.

Caprion provides a wide range of services for target discovery and clinical validation of biomarkers using its robust, integrated proteomics discovery platform ProteoCarta™ (formerly CellCarta®). ProteoCarta features a gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry technology that enables a comprehensive, quantative and robust measurement of the protein expression differences across large data sets of biological samples.

Our expertise includes the DISCOVERY, QUALIFICATION and VERIFICATION of disease-specific biomarkers in all phases of clinical and  pre-clinical studies.

Pharmacodynamic biomarkers

  • Drug efficacy
  • Dose determination
  • Mechanism of action
  • Safety

Disease Markers

  • Diagnostics
  • Surrogate for clinical response to therapy

Predictive Biomarkers

  • Clinical outcome / Patient stratification
  • Drug efficacy
  • Safety

Caprion’s integrated process leverages multidisciplinary expertise including:

  • Support for study design
  • Sample preparation: serum, plasma, urine, CSF, as well as tissue and cell fractionation capabilities
  • Data processing
  • Industrialized, well-controlled processes
  • Biostatistical analyses
  • Biological assessment of results

Deliverables routinely include:

  • Raw data and full written reports
  • Electronic Data Report (peptide and protein id's, fragmentation spectra and results of statistical analyses)
  • In-depth interpretation of results
  • Biological associations with disease or drug MOA
  • Pathway analyses

Using this unbiased discovery approach, Caprion has demonstrated the ability to provide ground-breaking results for the identification of relevant proteins in all phases of pre-clinical and clinical programs.