Finding proteins that hit the mark

Tuberculosis – Biomarkers of Active Disease

Tuberculosis is a major global health burden, affecting an estimated 1/3 of the global population. There were 8.7M new cases diagnosed in 2011 and 1.43M deaths, and cases of drug resistant TB are on the rise. While only active disease is infectious, distinguishing active TB from other respiratory diseases is difficult, time-consuming, and often inaccurate. Diagnosis can include as many as 5 individual tests and require as long as 6 weeks.

There is an unmet need for a test that can directly and accurately diagnose the presence of active TB, independently of host immunocompetence and without requiring a sputum sample. As part of the NIAID-funded Caprion Clinical Proteomics Center, Caprion initiated studies to develop a blood-based test that can identify patients with active TB or those at risk of developing active TB. Caprion has identified small panels of protein biomarkers that can discriminate patients with active TB from patients with confounding respiratory diseases and healthy individuals (see EBioMedicine paper). Caprion has also identified blood-based candidate protein biomarkers of early TB disease progression that appear to predict establishment of latent infection.



  • Rapid and accurate differential diagnosis
  • Enable timely treatment
  • Prediction of relapse
  • Blood-based biomarkers eliminate the need for sputum collection
  • Independent of host immunocompetence (HIV+/HIV-)


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