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Diabetes – Biomarkers of Islet Health

Type 2 diabetes affects over 350 million people worldwide and is associated with shorter lifespans and multiple complications. Type 2 diabetes is caused by a combination of insulin resistance and chronically insufficient insulin secretion by the pancreas. Dysfunction of pancreatic islet cells is therefore central to diabetes and is one of the earliest changes that lead to disease.

Current diabetes biomarkers measure glycemia and are insufficient for assessment of the state of the pancreatic islets. Blood-based biomarkers of pancreatic islet function have the potential to directly assess pancreatic islet health, and thus guide treatment selection and facilitate development of novel disease modifying therapies.


  • Prognosis of prediabetes and diabetes
  • Prediction of gestational diabetes
  • Treatment selection and monitoring
  • Guide development of islet sparing, disease-modifying drugs
  • Companion diagnostics


  • Direct assessment of pancreatic islet health
  • Improved efficiency and convenience compared to oral glucose test
  • Measurements complementary to glycemia


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