Finding proteins that hit the mark

Diagnostics Overview

Caprion created a Diagnostics Division in 2012 to leverage the scientific and commercial success of its ProteoCarta™ proteomics platform and its internal expertise in biomarker discovery and development. Caprion is actively pursuing development of a diversified pipeline of innovative in-vitro diagnostic products to address key unmet needs in the areas of oncology, metabolic disorders, and infectious diseases. Caprion’s diagnostics programs have been fueled by over $30 million in non-dilutive funding from government and industry partners as well as collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and academic thought leaders. Today Caprion utilizes its expertise to discover biomarkers and develop assays for our pharmaceutical partners in accordance with CDRH regulatory standards.

Caprion's diagnostic initiatives leverage our core competencies in identification and analytical validation of secreted proteins from tissue and translation of these findings to blood-based assays, followed by the clinical validation and testing in our CLIA-ready laboratory. The development and commercialization of the Xpresys™ Lung test for assessment of lung nodules illustrates Caprion’s expertise in identification of clinically relevant protein biomarkers and demonstrates successful translation of these biomarkers from discovery to the clinic. Caprion is applying a similar approach to development of additional commercial diagnostic tests as well as other types of clinical assays for patient stratification that may lead to complementary or companion diagnostics.

Caprion is establishing a CLIA/CAP accredited laboratory for commercial deployment of the company’s and our pharmaceutical partner’s tests.


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